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Dental Implant Technologies Shows

Choukroun Sept 22nd
PRF Scottsdale AZ

  • Advanced PRF & Injectable PRF Education
  • Phlebotomy Training
  • Biology of Wound Healing. Understand the importance of vascularization for both soft and hard tissue.
  • Introduction of PRF by Dr. Joseph Choukroun. Learn the history of PRF. Its first use by Dr. Chourkoun in Nice France in 2001 and the improvements made over the years.
  • Biological background of PRF. Understand how lower centrifugation speeds (G-Force) and time results in superior fibrin scaffolding with more leukocytes. Understand growth factor release and optimization of the PRF centrifuge to improve regeneration.
  • Clinical indications of PRF in dentistry. Discussion over its potential use in Extraction socket grafting, Sinus Augmentation procedures, Gingival Recessions, Intrabony/Furcation Defect Regeneration, Implant Dentistry, and Soft Tissue Management.
  • hlebotomy Training & Live Demonstrations
Learn PRF from it's creator. Accept no substitutions, this is only PRF System backed by hundreds of clinical studies.


Sept 27-29
ICOI Las Vegas, Nv

The mission of the ICOI World Congress XXXVI is to provide attendees with a comprehensive and scientific review of all aspects of dental implant treatment that may lead to complications.
  • First class speakers in the implant field
  • A fantastic scientific program
  • An amazing location in The Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas
  • Education, friendship and collegiality at its highest level
  • Learn the latest scientific literature relating to peri-implantitis and mucositis to avoid dental implant related complications
  • Understand the importance of the dental implant pre-treatment factors (i.e. medical evaluation, radiographic evaluation, pharmacologic intervention) that affect success rates
  • Understand the etiologic factors that directly and indirectly influence peri-implant infections
  • Understand limitations of surgical and non-surgical peri-implantitis treatment options
  • Prevention of bone resorption and peri-implant infections


October 12-13 Syracuse, NY
Bio Materials & Site Development

Dr Ghanaati will be conducting a 2 day seminar on understanding tissue regeneration, the inflammatory pattern during bimaterial-based tissue regeneration and the use of PRF in dentistry and maxillofacial surgery.


Saturday November 24
Greater New York Dental Meeting NY,NY one day seminar on PRF with Dr Panjali

The Scientific Sessions are divided into Seminars, Hands-on Workshops, Essays, and Scientific Poster Sessions. The Educational Scientific Program starts on Friday and continues unabated before ending on the following Wednesday afternoon. During that interval over 350 programs, featuring hundreds of the world's most respected dental educators, are presented as full and half-day courses.

The Greater New York Dental Meeting is proud to offer a greatly expanded World Implant Expo, the Fourth Annual Global Orthodontic Conference, 3D Printing Conference, Oral Health Symposium, Pediatric Summit and again Dental Laboratory Education.


Chicago Nov 30 to Dec 1
American Academy of Oral Maxillofacial Surgeons-Implant meeting Chicago

The 2018 Dental Implant Conference offers an intensive educational program of innovative techniques and procedures for the entire implant team, presented by an internationally renowned faculty of leaders in implant dentistry. You'll also experience an exhibition of the most technologically advanced products and services available in the field, and the opportunity to network with colleagues from around the country.

Bring your entire implant team to the premier dental implant educational event, where a renowned faculty of experts will present two full days of fast-paced, practical and innovative programming.


October 28-30 Vancouver
AAP aka American Academy of Oral Implantologists

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