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Process for PRF Courses

Process for PRF Courses

What Is Platelet Rich Fibrin - PRF

  • PRF is a provisional 3-dimensional matrix made of fibrin that accelerates wound healing
  • It contains a number of growth factors found in human blood centrifuged to reach supra-physiological doses that assist in tissue regeneration
  • It significantly decreases the rate of infection up to 10 fold, especially following molar extractions and prior/during implant placement.
  • Patients report less morbidity, swelling and use of analgesics following regeneration with PRF
  • In many clinical indications, may be used alone to replace the high costs associated with bone grafts, connective tissue grafts, and/or barrier membrances
  • Improved patient satisfaction

1 Day Program

Biology Of Wound Healing

  • Platelet Rich Fibrin intensive course - Advanced PRFTM & injectable-PRFTM
  • Growth factors: biology and physiology, mechanism of action
  • Advanced PRF: More cytokines and growth factor
  • Composition and influence on tissue healing

Biology of Platelet Rich Fibrin

  • A-PRF and i-PRF in oral surgery and periodontology
  • Injectable PRF: Liquid PRF that may be injected or combined with biomaterials
  • A-PRF as "matrix" in soft tissue management: protocols, clinical results
  • A-PRF as "matrix" in bone augmentation: protocols, clinical results

Clinical Indications For Platelet Rich Fibrin - PRF

  • Protocols, clinical results, new perspectives in soft tissue regeneration and bone reconstruction.
  • A-PRF & i-PRF with biomaterials: what kind of biomaterials do we have to mix with PRF?

Hands-On And Demo - Phlebotomy Technique

  • In order to maximize the potential of the A-PRFTM and I-PRFTM, blood collection from your patient is necessary.
  • There will be an introductory course in phlebotomy, including a hands-on session.

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