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Dr. Choukroun Soft Brushing Kit

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Dr. Choukroun Soft Brushing Kit


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This kit was designed by Dr. Joseph Choukroun to extend the flap without the need for incision. The concept of this product is to disorganize the collagen fibers of the fibrous periosteum. This reduces the stiffness of the flap allowing the flap to release farther. This kit does not cut anything at all. The flap is released as a result of the separation of the periosteum fibers. These instruments can be used on both the lingual and buccal periosteum. 

Kit Includes 5 Instruments:
- Regular Tip
- Angulated Right Tip (Posterior)
- Angulated Left Tip (Posterior)
- Medium Tip
- Large Tip

There are two brushing methods that can be used; Soft pressure and moderate pressure. When moving Apically to Coronally you want to brush softly. When moving Coronally to Apircally you want to apply more pressure when brushing. You can begin brushing when the full thickness of the flap is elevated, making sure to brush as deep as possible.

Pull the flap back with forceps and start brushing with the small size ( regular or angulated for the posterior area). After the first release you can use the medium or large for large flap areas. This allows you to extend the flap significantly with minimal trauma.

In the lingual flap, it is very easy to separate the mylohyoid muscle very gently by just by brushing. It is also possible to brush the periosteam of the lingual flap.

Take the headache out of flap surgery, and increase your ability to gain primary closure with the ST-UP Soft Brushing Kit


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